This 8-Year-Old Kashmiri Girl Is World’s Youngest Kickboxer To Win An International Gold

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9:24 pm 12 Nov, 2016

In a first, an eight-year-old girl Tajamul Islam from a remote village in Kashmir has made India proud by winning a gold medal at World Kickboxing Championship.

The event was held in Italy in which Tajamul defeated her opponent from the United States at the sub-junior level.




Not only this, Tajamul has become world’s youngest kickboxer to win an international gold.

Her coach Master Fasil Ali Dar, who trained her for two years, said, “The girl came to me when she had just passed her upper kindergarten. Earlier, I had spotted Tajamul from a distance. She wasn’t yet completely conversant with the rules of the game but she had the speed. I found her instinctively aggressive.”

Despite hailing from a poor family, she was dedicated to her sport and didn’t give up.

Tajamul’s father, Ghulam Mohammad Lone, is a driver yet he encouraged his children to learn martial arts in Dar’s academy.

Earlier, in a interview, Tajamul had said,”I was walking near the stadium here when I saw many young boys and girls training. I saw them punching and I told my father that I want(ed) to join them and he let me.”

She added that though her village is very backward, she and other kids will take it to new heights.


News18/Faisal Ali

News18/Faisal Ali

Her zeal and hard work paid off.



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