Act Against Microsoft, US Agencies For Showing Wrong Kashmir Map, Says BJP MP Tarun Vijay

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10:35 am 21 Dec, 2015

BJP MP Tarun Vijay has requested the government to take up with the US a wrong map of Kashmir allegedly published by Microsoft and other American agencies.

He called it as a “cartographic attack” on India’ sovereignty.

The MP said that in the map the entire Kashmir and Aksai are shown in China and Pakistan.



Vijay said during the Zero Hour in Rajya Sabha that it is surprising that we are not making the correct and right noises against it.

“This is an attack on India’s sovereignty. The Government must take up this issue very, very seriously,” he said.

Vijay said he was in a NATO meeting in Brussels a month ago where he saw the NATO Generals in a briefing showing India’s wrong map. He protested then and there.

He termed this as war against India and said that if they are friends of India, they should restraint themselves from showing these wrong maps.

The BJP leader demanded that the government must protest against it.

Asking to give notices to these companies, he said that they should rectify these mistakes.

In fact, this has not happened first time. A wrong map of India, with the state of Kashmir missing from it, was shown in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia.

The map was reportedly shown during Modi’s visit to the Queensland University of Technology, where he interacted with students.

Then the spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, Syed Akbaruddin, confirmed the mistake and said that India had lodged a ‘strong protest’ and that the organisers had apologised.

In April 2015, Indian government took Al Jazeera news channel off the air for five days after officials insisted it had repeatedly shown wrong maps of Kashmir in the past.

The five-days ban order was made over the maps that showed parts of the Kashmir region in arch-rival Pakistan and China.


In 2011, The Economist magazine showed a map of Kashmir in its cover story “The world’s most dangerous border” that resulted in the magazine copies being seized by India.

The magazine accused India of hostile censorship when the Indian customs officers ordered that 28,000 copies of the news weekly should have stickers manually placed over a diagram showing Kashmir split between India, Pakistan and China.

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