These Women In Kashmir Don’t Care About Social Evils, Divorce Their Drug Addict Husbands

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3:44 pm 29 Dec, 2015

Forty women in Kashmir have recently divorced their drug-addict husbands who despite all their efforts did not quit the habit of drugs and used to become violent under its influence.

These women say a local sharia court helped and facilitated them to make their choice.

27-year-old Rifat said that it was not an easy decision to divorce her husband as she has to convince her parents that she can no longer handle this mental and physical trauma.

Rifat said that she does not understand the the notion that a women can’t divorce her husband, as they think only man has a right to divorce his wife.

She has seen many hardships in her life. Rifat says for a moment her husband would agree with her but suddenly he would become violent and start beating her under the influence of drugs.

When things went out of her control, she spoke to her father about it. Rifat said to her father that she is ready to live with him if he quits drugs.

Another woman named Shazia, who belongs to the North Kashmir, made the similar decision of ending her traumatic marriage.

Leaving all the societal pressures aside, Shazia, a strong and confident woman said that people in our society have the habit of talking but she doesn’t care about that talk.

She said that she has made the right decision.

Nasirul Islam, Grand Mufti, Kashmir, said under these circumstances a woman can ask for divorce.

It was through Shariah court that in the last one month 40 divorces have taken place and the Grand Mufti has sent these cases to medical board and took a decision bases on their medical reports.


Nasirul Islam, Grand Mufti, Kashmir . ndtv

These women say that the decision to divorce their husbands is a fight against social evils like drug addiction and their rights religion of Islam has guaranteed them.

The fight of these brave women is an eye-opener for the people and the government about the rising cases of drug addiction in Kashmir.

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