Karisma Kapoor Painted A Villian In Sunjay Kapur’s New Divorce Petition

Sunjay Kapur has filed a fresh divorce petition against Karisma Kapoor in the Family Court of Bandra. Apparently, she was not complying with the terms of their separation and had been minting money from him.


According to the petition,

Actor Karisma Kapoor married Sunjay Kapur for his money and in a calculated and clinical manner, sponged off his family to pursue a lavish lifestyle.

Sunjay has also made some statements about her failing not only as a wife and daughter-in-law, but also as a mother.

He has stated that she used her kids as “pawns” to get money from the Delhi industrialist.

According to him, Karisma “cruelly deprived” his ailing father access to Samaira and Kiaan, and he passed away after pining for them for six months.


He also mentions how she always prioritized her career over her family and stayed in Mumbai in spite of Sanjay’s repeated pleas.

The petition suggests that Karisma married Sunjay on-the-rebound after her breakup with Abhishek Bachchan, and portrays her as the sole culprit for the ugly separation.


However, painting the actor as a manipulative gold-digger doesn’t make much sense because Karisma belongs to Bollywood’s first family — The Kapoors. Her lawyer, Kranti Sathe, has denied Sunjay’s accusations, saying,

We will tell the court that he is causing great harm to the children’s welfare by spreading false stories. We don’t want trial by media.



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