Thank You Kareena Kapoor Khan For Giving Us #SelfLove Goals All.The.Fucking.Time

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8:11 pm 21 Sep, 2016

Kareena Kapoor’s energy is infectious. She’s been in the industry for 16 years now, and as much as we call her out for her sexist choice of movies or words where she plays no more than a damsel-in-distress, the truth is no one has come out to stand as an epitome of self-adulation like her. Call her self-obsessed, but when Kareena basks in the glory of her own light , we can’t help but sit back and be awed by the inspiration to treat our own selves gloriously.



When she gifted us the perfect reaction for every time we wanted to tell the world to fuck itself with its unsolicited opinions.



When she was just 21 and knew all she needs to be happy is herself.




When she unabashedly told us to know how we deserve all.the.attention.




When she wrote her feminist diary way in advance. Thanks Bebo for letting us know it was NEVER our problem.




When she gave us clear cut rules to play it fair.





When Kareena Kapoor looks in the mirror to tell herself how freakin’ beautiful she is, we can’t help but admire ourselves back in our reflection.



When she made it acceptable for all of us to bask in our infectious charm and no, no.. not shy away from it.




When she unapologetically owned her imperfections only to promise us a better Kareena Kapoor Khan tomorrow!


Indeed a better version, when Kareena Kapoor Khan defied all logic of making a choice between our personal and professional life. You really don’t have to choose one.




Keep on shining, Bebo as you keep inspiring us with mushy love for ourselves.

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