Karan Johar’s Jaw-Breaking Reply To The Troll Who Messed With Him

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1:35 pm 12 Jan, 2017

Karan Johar’s show ‘Koffee With Karan’ is making a lot of headlines these days. This controversy maker show makes the guests reveal their secrets easily. But, many a time those guests leave Karan Johar speechless by asking him personal questions.


But, recently, Karan Johar has released a book, ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ that reveals a lot about Karan’s personal life. The book in itself created many controversies as it has pages talking about Karan’s sexual preferences. Karan simply addressed this fact that if he accepts or straightaway declares his sexual orientation in his book, then he might just land up in a jail.

This came as a shock for some and many criticized him for not having the balls to support the LGBT community. While facing all these disturbances on social media, Karan went on to express his present state of mind with this tweet…

It was quite evident that he just wants people to stop with their baseless comments and criticism. But, someone had a better idea in mind. He approached Karan with a horrible offer and here it is…

This was the boiling point for Karan Johar. He perfectly slammed that Twitter user named “Indian Sherlock”. Karan vented out his anger and asked the “Indian Sherlock” to solve the mystery of his own existence.

Well, Karan gave a perfect reply and Mr. Indian Sherlock, this one is for you…


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