AAP’s Kapil Mishra And BJP’s Manoj Tiwari Have Agreed To Join Hands And Eliminate The Mosquito

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4:15 pm 14 Sep, 2016

Who’s Delhi’s number one enemy as of this moment? It is the mosquito – the flying insect that has caused the most human deaths by any animal in history.

Residents of Delhi are having a hard time battling three mosquito-borne diseases at the same time – Chikungunya, Dengue and Malaria. Reports say that 7 people have died of Chikungunya in the capital while more than 1000 have been diagnosed with the disease.

Another 1,100 have been diagnosed with dengue and 21 cases of malaria have been reported.

Concerned about the rising number of cases, AAP Water Resources Minister Kapil Mishra posted this appeal on Facebook:

Long story short: Mishra said that he’ll appeal to all the MLAs and MPs of Delhi to join hands in fighting the mosquito menace.

He said that he’ll cut across party lines and personally call them to join the cause of saving the residents of Delhi.


And in a great gesture, BJP MP from Delhi Manoj Tiwari agreed to join Mishra for fogging in Sonia Vihar.


Their efforts at fighting the diseases together instead of indulging in blame game is being appreciated.


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