Kabbadi World Cup: Kapil Dev Loses Cool When Questioned About Pakistan Team’s Absence

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1:05 pm 21 Sep, 2016

Sports rivalry between India and Pakistan has always been a hot topic of discussion be it for Cricket, Hockey or our very own Kabbadi.

This ‘sports rivalry’ though has always been influenced by political and border tensions between the two countries and fans got to witness yet another example on September 20.


While unveiling the 14 Kabaddi players who would be representing India at the upcoming Kabaddi World Cup, former Cricketer Kapil Dev lost his cool when a scribe questioned about Pakistan’s absence from the tournament.

The question was for the event organisers, as Pakistan’s name had been confirmed at the time the time of tournament’s staging and yet last week their name was missing from the roster.

But before the organisers could even take up the question, Dev shot back at the media and said:

“Agar aap Hindustani ho, to yeh prashan poochna he nahi chahiye. Aaj yeh prashan puchneka manch nahi hai.” (If you are a Hindustani, then this question should not be asked. This is not the forum to ask this question)”

Kapil’s outburst came as a surprise for many as he was not even seated on the dais when the question was asked.


Dev was sitting in the audience and suddenly rose from his chair, turned to face the scribe and cross-questioned him instead.

When the scribe clarified that the question is related to the World Cup and had nothing to do with the terrorist attack in Uri, Dev shot back and said…

“Aap ko yeh question poochna nahi chahiye.”

When later Dev was asked if India should continue playing against Pakistan in light of the recent attacks, he dismissed the issue saying…

“Some things should be left to the government. We are sports-persons. If the country asks us to play against someone, nobody will refuse. What the country wants, we will do. Agar desh chahega ke hum jaake kue main koodh jae, toh hum koodh jayenge. (we will jump in the well if the country asks us to do it).”

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