Kejriwal Said This About Journalist Rahul Kanwal. Kanwal’s Response Silenced The Delhi CM.

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6:03 pm 9 Sep, 2016

It began with probably the biggest news of Thursday – a flexi pricing of rail fares on India’s premium trains. India Today and Aaj Tak Managing Editor and anchor Rahul Kanwal posted a series of tweets in praise of the hike and against those who claimed it was too steep.


The reactions came in thick and fast and among those was Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia’s, who retweeted Kanwal’s last tweet with his own comment:


And Kanwal responded:


And then jumped in Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with a tweet of his own that again featured the name of his favourite politician – Modi.


At this Kanwal, clearly offended, made a remark Kejriwal will never forget:


And then Kanwal dropped this:


Kejriwal wisely chose not to respond. Kanwal then had a lengthy exchange with Manish Sisodia, which was quite civil as Kanwal himself put it.

But the ace journalist did not sign off without making a poignant comment on Kejriwal:


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