Offended By Kattappa, Kannadigas Call For A Bandh On April 28. Here’s Why

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4:37 pm 21 Apr, 2017

A number of Kannada organizations have called for a day-long bandh in Bengaluru on April 28, the day on which ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’, the sequel to S.S.Rajamouli’s ‘Bahubali’ is supposed to release. On the day of the bandh, Kannada organizations will carry out a protest march in Bengaluru from Town Hall to Freedom Park.


The groups, headed by former MLA Vatal Nagraj, have demanded a state-wide ban on the movie. Kannadigas are offended by Sathyaraj, who plays Kattappa in the movie. He had allegedly called Vatal Nagraj, the Kannada activist a “comedy character”. Talking to the media, Vatal Nagaraj said,

Our dissent is not against the movie Bahubali but against Sathyaraj who had made derogatory comments on Kannadigas and Karnataka leaders. We want him to apologise to the people of Karnataka and only then will we allow the screening.


These comments were made by Sathyaraj in 2008. S.S. Rajmouli, the director of ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ has released a video on Twitter with a message seeking support from the people of Karnataka in favor of his film. The director says that the comment was made nine years ago and till date, close to 30 films starring Sathyaraj have been released in Karnataka, ‘Baahubali’ being one of those. The director said

Linking his old remarks that were made several years ago with the current scenario and posing an obstacle to the release of movies is not in the interest of the industry. We were totally unaware of his comments until the video surfaced on social media. Sathyaraj has neither produced or directed the movie nor is he even involved in its making. As an actor, he has portrayed one of the characters in the film, for which he has been paid. It will not affect the actor in any manner if the movie is not released in Karnataka. However, it will directly affect the producers of the movie, the distributors apart from five years of hard which will go in vain.

Watch the video here


Pro-Kannada organizations have, however, refused to call off the bandh and have affirmed that they will not let the movie be released in the state unless the actor apologizes to the people. Commenting on the scenario, Vatal Nagraj, president of Kannada Chalavali Vatal told PTI,

We are not against the film or Rajamouli. Until Sathyaraj tenders unconditional apology, our protest will continue. There will be a Bengaluru bandh on April 28 and also there will be protests across the state. We can’t accept anything else other than apology by Sathyaraj.

Some organizations are also against the producers of ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ releasing the film directly and not selling it to local distributors. These organizations have sought support of theater owners in Karnataka.


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