7 Relationship Lessons From ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ Make This Movie More Relevant Today

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3:14 pm 12 Aug, 2016

Let’s admit it, the reason why Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna could only be ‘critically’ acclaimed was because it was much ahead of its time. Back in 2006, ‘infidelity’, ‘betrayal’ and ‘divorce’ were pretty socially non-acceptable words limited to high-class society.

However, today, the lessons from this movie are making much more sense than they did 10 years ago.

1. Get married for the right reason

Don’t get married because umar hogayi hai or because you owe it your parents or someone else’s parent in this case. Do it only for the right person.

2. Don’t be selfish in love

It’s easy to fall prey to silly, jealous games in love when you don’t even realize what you are doing to non-involved parties. Yes, it’s called betrayal and playing with their feelings. Don’t.


3. Adultery can never be justified

And not just yours or theirs but everyone’s life around you comes to crumble. There are messy confrontations, stirring emotions and debilitating heartbreaks. Better walk out of a marriage if it is not making you happy rather than playing on infidelity.


4. You don’t hurt people you love

Somewhere we grow with the idea that what hurts the most loves the most. But when you love, you care and when you care you cannot hurt them. Stop suffering if it’s hurting.



5. Wait for love and not rush into friendship

Even though the idea of love has become limited to books and poems, believe in it. It will feel you once. It’s a great idea if you fall in love with your friend, but don’t get married to your friend without any love.


6. Truth is out one or the other day

You cannot live a breezy romantic life behind someone’s back. Either the guilt catches you or they do.

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7. Forgiveness is part of life

Truth is, no matter how right or wrong we are, when it comes to love, everything backfires. So, the only thing to do sometimes is to forgive people on your way.

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