4 Times Kangana Gave Us Real Life Lessons In The International Women’s Summit

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8:30 pm 13 Oct, 2015

When Kangana Ranaut speaks, people take note. If not for her career choices, Kangana has long been applauded for her candid attitude. She calls a spade a spade. There are no rules to that, even when it comes to her family. She has been honest about her patriarchal upbringing, courageous to fight after her sister’s acid attack and explicit on how Bollywood does objectify womaen sometimes.

“My father called and said, ‘Did you learn your lesson, and I said, no. You better get ready to learn yours!”

Kangana was invited as the new face of India in London’s ‘Women in the World Summit’ last week. Her interview with BBC Reporter Shabnam Mahmood is going viral for an obvious reason – her inspiring persona . She talked about India, crime, Bollywood, feminism, sexism and her take on what is the problem with things being the way they are.


That being said, here are four moments which all woman should really screenshot in their heart. Words to sing the next time you find yourself pulled down!

“I didn’t see myself as my family saw me – a liability. I saw myself as much more.”

Candidly, Kangana spoke about the prevalent favoritism to her brother. She accepted that she does not come from an exceptionally traditional family and its an Indian norm to expect a woman to be educated enough only to be a good spouse. Times have changed, true, but we have just shifted from expecting a good housewife to a good working wife. Women’s professions and their creativity needs to be taken seriously in this country.

“Others’ opinions will always shift”

As she went down memory lane to her early Bombay days, she modestly accepted that she was seen as a village woman with a weird accent and a weirder appearance. Unabashedly, Kangana says she was confident. It’s your perspective of yourself which matters. True, people see us as we see ourselves.

“Being feminine is seen as weakness. But it’s not.”

Love , compassion and kindness are feminine emotions and any man feeling any one of these is considered ‘weak’. When Kangana was asked what could possibly be the reason behind the women-related crimes, she pragmatically said its the mentality of the world to show men as the stronger, aggressive ones.

“History is witness that if anything could conquer the deepest and darkest corners of human soul, its been feminine emotion. Love, compassion.. not aggressive emotions of anger.”

She said we need to change this mentality that if a beautiful woman is not acquired, conquer her. You can only conquer through love!

“As a woman, we don’t have to hope that we get our due. We need to get up and get it ourselves.”

A girl child’s birth is not much of a celebration in India. Starting from this point, everything happening to us is our own fault. But as Kangana puts it, we need to take pride in who we are. Kangana affirmed that her understanding of herself never changed. This world needs change but we cannot sit, hope and pray for a day to get our dues. She honestly said that India needs a lot of work and more than that, needs a lot of role models which young people and parents can follow.

Kangana never fails to establish her aura. She is an inspiration for all the women out there, inspiring them to not stay crushed and hopeless! Be someone else’s role model!




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