A Girl At Kandivali Station Beat Up A Molester And Dragged Him To The Police

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4:17 pm 20 Mar, 2015

Prandya Mandhare is a college student but the courageous manner in which she not only defended herself from a molester but also ensured he is given a proper punishment is something that should be talked about by all.

On her way to home from attending classes at Sathaye College in Vile Parle, where she is in her third year of Bachelor of Mass Media, on Wednesday, Prandya was waiting for a local train at the Kandivali station when a drunk man came up to her and touched her inappropriately.

On being ignored, he tried to grab her.

Seeing that no one at the busy Kandivali station was coming to her aid, a fearless Prandya thrashed him with her bag, grabbed the man by his hair and dragged him to the nearest police station.

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A latest TOI report says that the 25-year-old accused, Kubernath Chauhan, has been released on bail by a Railway court.

He was booked under the Maharashtra Police Act for behaving indecently in public and provoking breach of peace, under which an accused can either get bail on payment of fine or be detained overnight.


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