Film Industry To Shut Down For Three Days For Kamal Haasan’s Skill Development Workshop

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6:21 pm 13 Sep, 2015

This November the entire Indian film industry will be shut down for three days not because of some odd strike call or protest but for the development of the workers employed by the industry.

Spearheading the initiative is Kamal Haasan, four-time National Award winner and one of Indian cinema’s greatest performers.


Emphasising upon the need to develop the skills of workers employed in the film industry, Haasan said that the Federation of Film Employees and the Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) – of which he is the Chairman – are coming up with certification programme for those who are already at work in the field and also new ones.

“We will train assistant directors, camera assistants, music assistants, writers, lightman, art directors, audio, make-up, costumes and dubbing artistes.”

This workshop will bring together 35 film unions under one roof.

“We plan to have a three-day workshop in November where we intend to shut down the industry for three days so that no one has an excuse of work. This is very important as it is for the future of our country and our industry,” Haasan told PTI.

Training will be provided by national and international film dignitaries, technicians and specialists.

Haasan, a school dropout by his own admission, has worked as a tech crew and as an actor-producer-director.


In a conversation with Firstpost, Haasan said that India needed a media training centre, where actual training on skill development would be imparted.

“At present, media institutes are all isolated from the actual art of film-making. The need is to involve production houses with academic institutions like in America. And, that’s why Hollywood has become so big. They actually invested in high quality training for their own growth.”

Comparing the media and entertainment industry to the IT sector, Haasan said that the former has not put its energy to good use, “so we don’t know the actual power of this industry”.


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