Getting A Ticket For ‘Kabali’ Is No Cakewalk But For Thiru. Rizwan, It Was

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7:15 pm 22 Jul, 2016

Today, the entire nation woke up like this:



For those who don’t know what ‘Kabali’ is (which is humanly not possible!), in simple words, IT IS RAJNIKANTH’S GOD DAMN MOVIE THAT HIT THE THEATERS AT 3 AM THIS MORNING.

If you had booked the tickets months before, then you’d probably have been somewhere like this:


Some people are way too lucky and one of them is Thiru. Rizwan, who got ten tickets booked at Abirami Theater just a week before its release in ‘SLAYED-IT’ mode:

Great. He got sponsored by Chennai government. Why?

Nobody knows why but this photo of the letter has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp for a while now.

I feel sorry for those 10 aam people who, in spite of standing in the line, never really got the ticket.

Thiru. Rizwan, after being sponsored by ministry, would have felt like:



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