Kabali In Chennai Right Now Is Proof That Rajini Is The Biggest Star EVER

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5:02 pm 22 Jul, 2016

There are just no two ways about Rajinikanth being the biggest superstar this world has ever seen. A superstar whose fans unabashedly celebrate his achievements or movie releases much more than their own victories or festivals.

So, when it’s the day of his film’s release, 22-07-2016, the date is nothing less than the greatest festival on earth for some.

People have been applying for leaves for this day much in advance and of course, they are not even lying about it.

People have nailed the first show of 4:00 am.

However, the crowd is said to be so maddening that those with the tickets were also not able to enter the theatre. And when they did, boy, the energy was electric.

There is madness on the streets and in the theatres all across the city of Chennai.

There is police force deployed to counter the overwhelming fan craze who are leaving no stone unturned in pouring their love to their favourite superstar.

And I mean this quite literally when fans are pouring milk on the cut-outs of Rajinikanth and Kabali on the walls and the streets.

You’ve seen nothing till you’ve seen a Rajini celebration in Chennai.

While I knew of people flying from Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai to Chennai, here are two people who have flown all over from Japan to witness the magic of Rajni.

And guys, it’s not even about Chennai. Here’s Twitterati posting Rajini madness all over from Muscat to France.



I guess a maddening Rajini release in Chennai is one thing I need to add to my bucket list.


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