Kabaddi Fans Can Now See The World Cup In Stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality

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9:27 pm 13 Oct, 2016

App based video portal Hotstar has raised the bar on technology yet again and introduced stereoscopic 3D VR for the ongoing Kabaddi World Cup.

With this technology, the user can now view the matches in stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality (VR).

“We owe our loyal and growing platform users the very best video experience in the world. Fans in India look to Hotstar to set the benchmark for video streaming. We are excited to bring a dramatic new live experience to sports fans.”  – Ajit Mohan, CEO, Hotstar

This is for the first time in India that any live sporting event has been broadcasted in such as way.

With this, a Hotstar viewer can see the match in 3D VR, which in itself is a new breakthrough technology for any audience.

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Such sports experience is rarely witnessed anywhere else in the world and India’s largest streaming platform – Hotstar is the first one to bring it in India.

The Kabaddi World Cup started at Ahmedabad on October 7th and will go on till October 22nd.


A Hotstar user is able to access both 2D and 3D VR streams, in addition to the regular broadcast streams, on their iOS or Android apps and can also to get a complete panoramic view of the game.

Not just apps, a Sports fans can also enjoy these on immersive 3D experience on their Samsung Gear VR headsets and Google Cardboard devices.


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