Pet Dog Adopts Two Stray Kittens Whose Mother Died After Giving Birth To Them

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10:59 pm 16 Jul, 2016

In Kaneti village in Bhawani, a dog by the name of Julie has adopted a pair of kittens after their mother passed away. She lets the kittens suckle her and grooms them.

Julie kittens 1


Julie belongs to Kaneti resident Narendra Kumar. He said that a while back, a cat had given birth to six kittens in his house. Unfortunately, the cat and four kittens died, leaving two helpless little kittens.

Julie kittens 2


According to Kumar, Julie immediately rose to the occasion and started nursing the two kittens; now, they stay with her all the time and treat her like their mother.

Julie Kittens 3



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