10 Things On Which We Should Stop Judging People In India

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6:00 pm 12 Aug, 2015

Yaar tu gay hai kya?

Shakal se ek dum g**ndu hai tu, tere se koi ladki nahi pategi.

Bas tere 100 friends hain Facebook pe aur teen  followers?

If you live in India, you cannot escape these questions because if you are different, you will be questioned. Half of our society is still living in the 18th century and other half is way too ahead. We, as Indians, have mastered just one quality – the right to judge everything.

We should accept that we live in a democratic society and difference of opinions is bound to happen. Judging a person doesn’t define who they are, it defines who you are. Also if this intro was interesting enough for you, I also have a list of things which you should stop judging people on…

1. The way they look

“I didn’t design my face, God made me this way and I am deeply grateful for that. And stop following that shit theory that my parents are responsible for my facial features.”

2. Their relationship status

A live-in relationship is not a crime; it’s the best way to figure out your compatibility with your partner….kyunki shaadi ke baad divorce hota hai break-up nahi.


3. Their bank balance

Bank balance doesn’t display anybody’s character; loads of money will fill your bank account with arrogance and ego, keeping true feelings like friendship and love in debit.


4. The number of Facebook friends

The number of Facebook friends you have is not directly proportional to the number of genuine friends that will stand with you in times of grief and sorrow.


“I have few friends and  I am not competing with you for the title of ‘Most-Facebook-Friends’.”

5. The religion one follows

Fighting and judging people on the basis of their caste and religion will make you ‘inhumane’. Humanity is the only religion that will reveal your character.

If we can make ‘cricket’ a religion in India, then why not humanity?


6. Speaking English or Hinglish

In India, not everyone is blessed enough to be born in a Richie-Rich family and have English-medium schooling. Make somone your friend who speaks the language of love or else you will find enough English professors to befriend.

 7. Smoking/Smoking up

Yes, accepted. Smoking is injurious to health and causes cancer. But a person who smokes is far better than a person who ‘injures’ your feeling and emotions.

8. Their profession

The word ‘model’ in the Oxford Dictionary is defined as a person who walks on the ramp, not as a person who has record of sleeping with strangers. Everyone has the right to do what they want.


9. Not wearing traditional clothes

If someone is unwilling to wear a saree, it doesn’t take the India citizenship from her. One should be free to wear what they like and what they are comfortable in.

10. Their sexuality

Being gay is just another sexual orientation, it is not a disease. Indian parents with 18th-century-mentality need to grow up and they should encourage their child to respect his/her sexuality.


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