John Kerry Asks IIT-Delhi Students If They Have Come In Boats

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1:29 pm 31 Aug, 2016

Delhi rains spare nobody and US Secretary of State John Kerry knows this very well.

While addressing students of IIT-Delhi, he jokingly asked,”I don’t know you all got here, you must have needed boats to get here.”

The US Secretary of State, who was scheduled for a talk with IIT Delhi’s students at 9.30am, reached at 11am due to heavy rains. 


He also had to cancel his scheduled trip to three religious sites in the capital after it rain rained ferociously this morning.

On Tuesday, Kerry spent nearly an hour with his convoy trapped in traffic jams from the airport to his hotel. Reporters travelling with Mr Kerry tweeted their frustration.


Kerry’s two-day trip focus has been on pushing for better military cooperation and increasing trade between the two countries five-fold to 500 billion dollars.

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