16 Jobs Where Talent Counts More Than Your Marks

12:00 pm 16 Jan, 2016

Sachin Tendulkar did not need good grades to have a successful career. Likewise, there are many people who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields without an A+ on their report cards. Let us check out jobs where your talent counts more than your marks.


1. Sales and marketing

You need more of communication, understanding and persuasion skills here than good grades


 2. Beautician

All you need is the urge to make people beautiful and the skill for doing it

job talent


3. Musician

You don’t even need much talent or an amazing voice for that anymore.


4. Manager

It is said that a well-educated manager is a myth. Management is more of experience and instinct based learning than formal education.


5. Chef

Even without good grades, you can cook up a storm and have a flourishing career as chef if you have a flair for cooking.


6. Customer Care

Just know how to talk and parrot a few lines, and you’re set.


7. Dancing

In a country like India you can choose as many forms of Indian dance as you like.


8. Mechanic

You can watch our own Bollywood ‘Avataar’ and get some inspiration from the movie.


9. Electrician

An exciting career for those who can build electrifying relationships between wires.

10. Web Designer

More than marks on the report card, this is all more being part artistic and part tech savvy.


11. Animator

With animation industry growing exponentially, there is a huge scope for animators with creative abilities.


12. Fire Fighter

If you have a dare-devil attitude, then you can move ahead with hoses to fight those dangerous flames. Bonus: people admire and love fire-fighters


13. Police

Do not be deterred by those movie stunts. A police job is much simpler than ‘Singham’ showed it to be.


 14. Artist

Artistry is more of a natural ability than a learned skill, so even formal education isn’t always required for a career as an artist.


15. Actor

Here your ability to be someone else matters more than anything. Low grades might help to become a successful actor.


16. Politician

Just become the politician, grades and certificates will follow. Who knows, you may even get doctorate?


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