JNU Students ‘Confine’ University VC; Force Him To Sleep On Floor Without Food Or Electricity

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11:27 am 20 Oct, 2016

Around 200 students on October 19 “illegally confined” Jawaharlal Nehru University’s (JNU) top brass M. Jagadesh Kumar and other administrators in connection with a case involving a missing student Najeeb Ahmed.

JNU VC M. Jagadesh Kuamar India Today

JNU VC M. Jagadesh Kumar India Today

Ahmed, who is a first-year MSc student in JNU has been missing since October 15, a day after he was involved in a brawl on campus.

Ahmed was involved in an incident of violence at University’s Mahi-Mandvi hostel on the night of October 14 and has been missing since then. Any attempts to find him so far has been futile and he still remains untraceable.


Missing student Najeeb Ahmed. Siasat.com

Missing student Najeeb Ahmed. Siasat.com

Since his disappearance parents and students have been protesting on the JNU campus alleging that the Vice Chancellor has been “insensitive” in the matter and in order to protest have blocked the administrative department of the university.

According to JNU rector, Chintamani Mahapatra the students have not only confined them in the building but have also disconnected the electricity which is making the situation worse for them.

“There is no electricity. The VC, and many other officials are inside and feeling suffocated.”

VC Kumar too echoed his sentiments and said that they have been forced to sleep on the floor and they are not even allowing anyone to meet them.

He further added that they too are concerned about Ahmed and have already spoken to the police, but the students are still not corporating.

Members of JNU students union, however, are denying blocking the administrative department or disconnection of electricity and said they are just ‘lying there’.

“We have not locked them in. We are lying outside the administrative block and have told them if they want to walk over us and leave, they are free.”

Though it must be noted that there are around hundreds of students lying outside the administrative block.

According to a senior official,  some of the demands are though unreasonable and few have already been met, yet the students are using the issue to politicize it.

“They are asking the JNU administration to make an appeal to Najeeb Ahmed to return to JNU without fear of any victimization. But that was done at around 11.30 am itself and the same was uploaded on the website in the afternoon…. this is nothing, but illegal confinement and politicizing and communalizing the matter to create unrest in the campus.”

The JNU administration has also summoned 12 students who were involved in October 14 incident and have asked them to depose before the proctorial committee.

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