In A Shocking Video, Young Men Heckled JNU Students And Called Them ‘Anti-National’

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6:57 pm 21 Sep, 2016

A shocking video surfaced on social media which saw tow young men heckling JNU students, who were out for a movie in Delhi’s Vasant Vihar.

The video was posted by Aekta Kapoor on Septemeber 20, 2016. She wrote,”Witnessed hooligans heckling JNU students.”

In the video, the two men created a ruckus and called the students as ‘Pakistani’ and ‘Anti-National’.

They also showed their middle finger and said,”That’s what [Frederick] Engels said. That’s what Karl Marx said.”

When they didn’t stop shouting,t hey were asked to leave by the police.

Witnessed hooligans heckling #JNU students who had just come out of a movie at Priya in Vasant Vihar tonight. #idiots #EngelsNotEnjels

A video posted by Aekta Kapoor (@aektakapoor) on

The incident raises very serious concern as the hatred, formed on biased and non-factual views, is spreading into real life.

Surprisingly, the incident comes six months after  JNU sedition controversy which polarized the country. It was alleged that ‘anti-national’ slogans were raised in the campus during an event which led arrest of JNstudentsts leader Kanhaiya Kumar and other students.


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