J&K Government Bans Use Of Non-Biodegradable Consumables In Offices And Functions

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8:33 pm 10 May, 2016

The Jammu and Kashmir government has banned the use of all non-biodegradable consumables inside government offices and functions.

The list of non-biodegradable consumables that are banned also include plastic stationery items such as plastic pens and plastic bottles.


Plastic Water Bottles being used during Government MeetingsMoef.gov.in

Plastic water bottles are used during government meetings. Moef.gov.in

The circular that was issued last week has banned all the these items with immediate effect:

“Besides being hazardous and non-biodegradable in nature, this substance (plastic) has the potential to adversely impact the environment. It would therefore be necessary to discontinue the use of plastic material/ stationery items in government offices immediately.”

Insisting that the ban has be put in place to put an end to the indiscriminate use of plastic material inside government offices and urgently switch over to eco-friendly materials.




To make this ban successful, the administrative secretaries in the government offices have been asked to ensure that no one in their department is using plastic and non-biodegradable items.

They have been asked to encourage the use of non-plastic material such as paper, hand-made paper, jute and other biodegradable substitutes.

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