‘Jihadi John’ Flees From ISIS As He Fears Being Killed By The Group

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5:26 pm 27 Jul, 2015

‘Jihadi John’ was the name given to the brutal murderer who killed journalists and aid workers on videos that horrified the world. The killer was unmasked as Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born Computer Science graduate who was raised in west London and attended a mosque in Greenwich.

It is believed that Emwazi fled from ISIS several weeks ago and has gone on the run in Syria, apparently with a desire to reach North Africa.



thenypost James Foley’s murder video featured ‘Jihadi John’


Emwazi had gained notoriety after videos of the brutal beheadings of US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, US aid worker Peter Kassig, British aid workers Alan Henning and David Haines and Japanese hostages Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa were shared by ISIS.

One of Mohammed Emwazi’s fears is being hunted down by allied forces, who will either attempt to bring him to justice or kill him.



thenypostMohammed Emwazi unmasked


Apparently, Emwazi’s unmasking has lessened his value as a killer. The publicity that this British-accented masked killer received when his identity was revealed was immense. According to sources, Emwazi fears that some jealous fellow ISIS recruits might end up killing him.

He may have teamed up with a less well-known jihadist group in Syria as a way to keep a low profile.



mirror Mohammed Emwazi as a school boy


Emwazi was trained at the same camp in Libya as Tunisian beach gunman, Seifeddine Rezgui. The camp is located in Sabratha, close to the Tunisian border and was set up specifically to target Western tourists on the Mediterranean coast. Rezgui, 23, had opened fire on a beach in Sousse, Tunisia, and killed 38 people.

A source has claimed that ISIS would drop Emwazi “like a stone or worse if they feel he is no longer of any use to them. So it is possible he will end up suffering the same fate as his victims.”



ibtimes Jihadi John’s victims


Coincidentally, earlier this month, another well-known member of ISIS and a man who was also suspected of being Jihadi John back when the killer’s identity was a mystery, Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, also fled from ISIS. In 2014 Bary had claimed that he was kidnapped and tortured by a rival Islamic terror group.

Bary is still being sought by ISIS who have, according to security sources, killed scores of foreign fighters who tried to desert their ranks.



newsnyork Bary used to rap as ‘L. Jinny’



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