Now Jharkhand Does A Bihar; Students Found Cheating During Class 11 Examinations

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3:38 pm 13 Jul, 2016

Bihar and Jharkhand were once a single state before they bifurcated in November 2000. But there remains a lot of parallels – some pleasant ones and some unpleasant.

The exposé of a few ‘toppers’ brought a bad name to Bihar’s education system.

Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das had in June said that students from Bihar were welcome to study in Jharkhand because the latter is the ‘hub of education’ in the region.

That was his dig at Bihar’s education system. But now Das himself may have to answer a few things about the education system in Jharkhand.

This ANI video shows students of the R.S. More College in Dhanbad cheating during their Class 11 exams.



Reports say that more than 100 students were sitting too close to each other during the exams conducted on July 9.

According to the college administration, there was just not enough space for everyone so some students had to sit outside.

Benches meant for two students accommodated four to five examinees.

“I cannot see anyone cheating” was the response of one of the professors according to ANI. Though students were seen with bags and mobile phones during their examination, the professor said that they were not allowed inside the campus.




Following the Ruby Rai case, Bihar School Education Board (BSEB) chief Lalkeshwar Singh and his wife were arrested in with several others.

Rai, too, was arrested along with three other toppers after failing a re-test.

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