Delhi Police Detain 12 JeM Suspects, Who Learnt Bomb Making On YouTube

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6:23 pm 5 May, 2016

Delhi Police have arrested twelve suspected terrorists of Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror group from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. After a six-month covert operation the police have recovered seized explosives, bomb making materials and improvised explosive devices from the spot, possibly thwarting a series of planned blasts in the Capital.

Three of those picked up from Delhi — Sajid, Sameer and Shakir — were indoctrinated by Jaish videos and were making improvised explosive devices (IED) to strike markets and crowded places in the city, the police claimed.

Three suspected Jaish militants, arrested from the Capital and UP in late-night raids, in New Delhi ht

Three suspected Jaish militants, arrested from the Capital and UP in late-night raids, in New Delhi ht

Police said Sajid started with liking Facebook posts related to Jaish and posting comments on similar websites. Sajid was in touch with JeM leader ‘Tallah’, who is said to be the brother of the terror outfit’s founder, Masood Azhar.

Sajid (a resident of Delhi’s Bhajanpura area) also allegedly got instructions on WhatsApp. “He downloaded videos related to Jaish-e-Mohammad and searched YouTube for tips to make IEDs,” the police said.



Shakir (a resident of Deoband in Uttar Pradesh) was planning to go to Pakistan for militant training, police said. The trio also radicalised nine men, who are under the police scanner.

Sajid and Shakir have mastered making explosives and prepared one complete IED. Reportedly, Sajid got his hands burnt while making another device.

An officer said they had not targeted any specific shopping mall or received any order to blow up a certain place but were getting violent and gearing up to use the IEDs they had prepared. So the arrest was imminent.



Sources said police have Facebook and WhatsApp chats as evidence.

“They were self radicalised and used videos on YouTube to get motivated for jihad,” a officer said.



Reports suggest that the other nine accused had pledged allegiance to JeM but the police do not have evidence against them.

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