An Army Man Beaten To Death After He Tried To Protect A Girl From Molestation

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5:21 pm 17 Aug, 2015

Should we be ashamed? Should we be shocked? Should we be worried? Recently, an incident that took place in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) shocked the country. An army man who was trying to protect a girl from molestation was beaten to death, reports NDTV.

Lance Naik Vedmitra Chaudhury, 35, succumbed to his injuries on Saturday after he was brutally beaten by some men.

Mr Chaudhury used to live in the city with his wife and children.

On 13 August, Mr Chaudhury went to a shop to buy milk. He saw that some of the men in the shop targeted the shop owner’s daughter who had come deliver tea to her father. They passed lewd comments. Infuriated by it, the jawan  intervened.

The girl’s father, who had been witness to the event, said:

“One of the boys slapped the jawan and a fight broke out. More men from the village came with weapons in hand and beat up the man till he collapsed.”

The girl he saved said the harassment had been going on for six days, but she was too scared to tell her parents.  She said she was afraid that the blame would come on her and her parents would stop her education.


Even days after the incident, only three out of the eight people named in the case have been arrested. The police say that they have been busy with preparations for Independence Day. City’s Superintendent of Police Om Prakash said, “I have my eyes on them.”

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