You Saw What The Jats Did. Now Rajputs Threaten To Do The Same Over Quota.

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2:41 pm 29 Apr, 2016

A couple of months ago, the Jats wreaked havoc in Haryana demanding quotas catching the attention of the entire nation. The whole country watched how the Jats brought a government to its knees.


Indian Express

Shops were gutted and vehicles torched as Jats violently marched through Haryana pressing for quota. Indian Express

Gauging from the intensity of the rally organized by Rajputs in Noida and Greater Noida on Thursday, one can predict a repeat of the same might in western Uttar Pradesh.

The Rajputs are demanding 35% reservation in jobs of the Central government and all state governments.

Just to show what would happen if the government did not consent to their demands, the Rajputs took out a massive rally through some of Noida’s busiest commercial areas including Sector 16 and 18.


Sunil Ghosh/HT Photo

The Rajput rally passed through some major commercial areas of Noida. Sunil Ghosh/HT Photo

The rally, which had cars and motorbikes in huge numbers, ended at the office of district magistrate at Surajpur in Greater Noida after passing through Rajput-dominated villages.

They openly issued veiled threats with slogans such as “abhi to bas angdayi hai, aage badi ladai hai” (It is just the start, a big battle lies ahead).

Organised by Kshatriya Sena, the Rajputs claimed that since they have made huge contributions and sacrifices for the country, they deserve the quota.

Emboldened by what Jats did in Haryana, the Rajputs said that they would not flinch from resorting to a similar tactics especially when their peaceful demands for quota had failed to move the government.


Sunil Ghosh/HT Photo

Sunil Ghosh/HT Photo

“The BSP is working for the Dalits, the SP is working for the Yadavs and Muslims. Who will look after the interests of Rajputs?” a member of the Kshatriya Sena told reporters.

Rajputs comprise 7 per cent of Uttar Pradesh’s population. There are other Rajput strongholds in neighbouring Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

In February, Rajputs in Rajasthan had threatened to launch agitations across north Indian states for quota.

Members of the Rajput Sena said their community comprises 7% of Uttar Pradesh’s population.

This quota cycle set in motion by the politicians is perhaps becoming dangerous for the country.


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