Jaipur Railway Station Goes Green, To Get Its Own Waste Disposal Plants

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6:57 pm 26 Nov, 2015

Railways will soon set up first-of-its-kind plants at Jaipur station for disposal of solid waste in environmental-friendly manner and generation of energy from the garbage.


This means that garbage discarded in and around the Jaipur railway station premises will become a source of energy to run trains, cook food and more.


While one plant will focus on disposal of solid bio-degradable waste, the other will help with the disposal of plastic.

The energy generated by these plants would then be used as fuel to power the Jaipur Railway station and the trains arriving at the station.




The proposed capacity for handling waste is 5 tons per day at Jaipur station area. Railways will provide 1000 sq metre land on licence fee basis in the vicinity for setting up the plant.

According to the PTI report, the Jaipur railway station generates a substantial amount of solid waste which is produced by passengers, visitors, vendors and staff.

This waste, which consists of both bio-degradable and non-biodegradable materials would be collected from the segregated dustbins at the station (which have already been set up) and then sent to these disposal plants.


Talking about the biodegradable disposal plant, NWR Chief Public Relation officer Tarun Jain said:

“This would have a capacity of converting 500 kg biodegradable waste into 22 kg LPG equivalent of bio-gas which would be utilized in cooking at the railway station,”

When Jain was asked about the non-biodegradable plant, he said:

“This would collect 2000 kg of plastic and will convert it into diesel. The diesel would be used to run locomotives.”

Both these plants are expected to be operational within this financial year.

Besides, Jaipur Railway station is also planning to build a water recycling unit, which can be used to recycle 80 per cent of the water used for the cleaning of the wagons.


In addition, officials are also planning to set up a solar plant at the station to power the lights and fans at various platforms.

By March, 2016,  Jaipur railway station would also getting WI-Fi  and its own executive lounge.

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