Israel Reiterates Offer Of Securing India’s Borders To Check Both Infiltration And Immigration

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10:08 am 24 Sep, 2016

Israel reiterated its offer to help secure India’s borders following the September 18 Uri terror attack on an Indian army brigade which left 18 soldiers martyred.

Speaking to reporters late on Friday, Israeli Ambassador David Carmon said that Home Minister Rajnath Singh had been shown the expertise and experience that Israel has in border security during his Israel visit.

Carmon said he was sure Singh took note of Israel’s border management – the world’s best given the kind of threat the West Asian country faces.



An Egyptian watchtower overlooks the Moon Valley in Israel. EPA/ABIR SULTAN

“Home Minister (Rajnath Singh) visited Israel and he was shown different kinds of borders in Israel with their own uniqueness,” Israeli Ambassador David Carmon said at a press conference ahead of the Israel Homeland Security (HLS) and Cyber 2016 International Conference to be held in November.

He pointed out that both Israel and India share similar challenges.

Infiltration from across the border has only rise in the months after the Pathankot terror attack. Backed by the Pakistani army and establishment, terrorists manage to sneak into India at the LoC or through the international border.

In fact, border management has been a major problem for India in the eastern side too where illegal immigrants from Bangladesh take advantage of some unfenced areas or waterways to enter and exit India.

Ram Dor, a former Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) Chief Information Security Officer, highlighted how Israel, surrounded by enemies and not-so-close ‘friends’ on all sides, used its cyber technology experience to build a secure border.

Israel uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to man its borders where sensors are used to detect movement.


David Silverman/Getty Images

David Silverman/Getty Images

“We have three layers (of security) starting with intelligence trying to bring in an alert whenever there is an attack coming in, going into the level that we can cover as much area as we can with all types of sensors,” Dor said.

Dor said that the biggest problem for any country today is unauthorized movement of people – illegal immigration and infiltration.

Carmon said, “We do share similar challenges. We have the solutions. We can work together on the solution. We have shown in other areas that we can cooperate and this might and should be the case here as well.”

He said that Israel was willing to share with India conceptual and technological knowledge on countering cyber threats to the country.

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