Here Is What Islamic State Teaches First Graders In Maths Textbooks

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8:51 pm 16 Feb, 2017

The city of Mosul, the de facto capital of the Islamic State in Iraq, is under siege. As Iraqi security forces assisted by allies continue to penetrate and destroy the barbaric terror group’s installations in the city, a new perspective of how the ISIS operated is emerging.



Photos show a maths textbook of the Islamic State featuring guns and tanks. The textbook is meant for kids from first standard and was found in the Al Muthana district of eastern Mosul.



Maths problems have been solved using images of Kalashnikov rifles, ISIS flags, tanks and military aircraft. This was one of the few schools that operated under the Islamic State.



The books were one of the many ways through which children were brainwashed and Islamic State ideology fed.



A Syrian journalistic group has posted more pictures of similar textbooks. The books are from Raqqa.


A major concern is that Quilliam, a counter-terrorism think tank, has warned that Islamic State, is recruiting child refugees as they head to Europe.



Quilliam’s Nikita Malik said that the indoctrination of children by Islamic State “is a three-stage process”. “First they normalise violence, then they expose them to things like executions and beheadings, and then get them to do physical training,” she said.

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