ISIS Claims Responsibility For Killing Of Hindu Priest In Bangladesh

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5:35 pm 8 Jun, 2016

On Tuesday, June 7, three motorcycle-borne attackers hacked a 70-year-old Hindu priest Ananta Gopal Ganguly when he was en route to Jhenaidah temple.


Asia News

ID of Hindu priest Ananta Gopal Ganguly. Asia News

Ganguly’s throat was slit from behind and he was almost beheaded in the process.

The three attackers were believed to be suspected militants. The attack bore all the hallmarks of similar attacks against the minority groups in the country.


Scene of another militant attack in Bangladesh

Scene of another militant attack in Bangladesh.

Islamist terrorist group ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the hacking of the priest.

US-based monitoring service SITE, who have been tracking ISIS, broke the news quoting information from the militant group’s Amaq news agency.


Though local policemen have dismissed the group’s claim and claim that ISIS has no organisational base in Bangladesh.

Police are blaming domestic militants for the attack. This is not the first time that ISIS has claimed responsibility for a killing in Bangladesh. Few days back a 60-year-old Christian grocer was also hacked to death after Sunday prayers and ISIS had claimed responsibility for that attack as well.

Though Islamist violence in Bangladesh, as compared to Pakistan and even India is low, the number of attacks on non-Muslim communities have grown since February 2015.

Since then, more than 30 people including members of religious minorities, liberal bloggers and academics have been killed in similar attacks in Bangladesh.

Though time and again ISIS or Al Qaeda have claimed responsibility for majority of these killings, the government continues to deny existence of either groups in Bangladesh.


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