Document Found In Pakistan Reveals ISIS Plans To Tigger A War In India

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3:09 pm 30 Jul, 2015

In an startling revelation, the terrorist group ISIS, whose recruitment document was found in Pakistan, is preparing to “trigger a war in India” to provoke an “Armageddon-like ‘end of the world”, reports USA Today.

The undated document is titled ‘A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate, The Caliphate According to the Prophet.’ It was obtained from “a Pakistani citizen with connections inside the Pakistani Taliban”.


The document was reviewed by three US intelligence officials, who said they believe the document is authentic based on its unique markings and the fact that language used to describe leaders, the writing style and religious wording match other documents from the ISIS. The daily reported that:

“The document warns that ‘preparations’ for an attack in India are underway and predicts that an attack will provoke an apocalyptic confrontation with America. Even if the US tries to attack with all its allies, which undoubtedly it will, the ummah (Muslims) will be united, resulting in the final battle.”


The document stated that it seeks to unite dozens of factions of the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban into a single army of terror. It said:

“It includes a never-before-seen history of the Islamic State, details chilling future battle plans, urges al-Qaeda to join the group and says the Islamic State’s leader should be recognized as the sole ruler of the world’s 1 billion Muslims under a religious empire called a ‘caliphate’.”


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