IS Bomber Kills 83 And Injures 176 Others In Two Seperate Bomb Attacks In Baghdad

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5:45 pm 3 Jul, 2016

At least 83 people were killed and 176 injured in Baghdad when on June 3 two separate bomb attacks rocked the Iraqi capital.


According to Iraqi officials this was one of the deadliest attacks in Baghdad this year.

The first attack took place in the busy shopping district of  Karada, when a car bomb blew up in the middle of the street.


People gather at the site of a suicide car bomb in the Karrada Reuters

People gather at the site of a suicide car bomb in the Karrada. Reuters

The bomb instantly killed 78 people and wounded another 160.

The streets at that time was busy with families and young people who were out after breaking their daylight fast of Ramadan.


Live Images taken minutes after the

Live images taken minutes after the bombing.

Mere hours after the first attack, a second bomb, which was an improvised explosive device, went off in the eastern part of Baghdad killing another 5 and wounding 16.

Though the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the first attack, no group has claimed responsibility for the second attack.


According to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors IS online activity, the suicide car bomber deliberately targeted Shiites in the market, though at present that could not be verified.

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