Irom Sharmila’s 84-Year-Old Mother Surprises Daughter With Her First Visit In 16 Years

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2:30 pm 20 Aug, 2016

India’s Iron Lady -Irom Sharmila, recently got a surprise when she was visited by her aged mother, Sakhi, after a gap of 16 years.



Irom, who recently ended her fast-unto-death, was visited by her 84-year-old mother on August 19 along with Irom’s sister.



File Photo of Irom Sakhi.  AP

Though it is not known what they talked about during their short visit, Irom said she told her mother about her ‘new strategy’ to demand removal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, from Manipur.

While it is not known how her mother responded to her new plan, it was made clear that they have not disowned her.


Irom had started her fast on November 4, 2000, so as to protest against AFSPA.

At that time her mother had blessed her and added that Irom should only return home after accomplishing her mission.

She had not seen her mother since then.

Irom Sakhi yearned to be with her daughter but was angry that she did not ask for her blessings before breaking the fast.HT

Irom Sakhi was said to angry that her daughter did not seek her blessings before breaking the fast. HT

Irom had ended her fast on August 9 so as to enter politics and be able to fight for her cause from within the system.

But her decision had not gone down well with the people who supported her and have since then disowned her.

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