This Is How Twitteraties Trolled IRCTC Following News Of Alleged Hack And Avenged Themselves

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1:10 pm 6 May, 2016

On May 5 news about Indian Railways’s e-ticketing website IRCTC being hacked started doing the rounds of social media, with many reports claiming that the breach was so big that personal information of over 1 crore people was compromised.

Though the reports were later denied by IRCTC, it was enough for people started tweeting their concern to IRCTC via their Twitter handle.


While people expressing their concern about the breach and stating how horrendous it was for the common man was a common sight…



…there were also few who could not help but see the humour behind this hack.

And thus the trolling began.


Even some known names of Twitter world took this opportunity to take a jibe at the e-ticketing site.


IRCTC’s e-ticketing website is known to have caused its users a lot of hassles in the past.


Users especially face problems with regards to website crashing, or passengers unable to book tickets as they are sold out in matters of seconds.

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