This IPS Officer Raised The Most Important Question In His Tribute For A Martyred Jawan

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8:14 pm 12 Aug, 2016

Shivdeep Lande, the Superintendent of Police (STF) in Patna, wrote a touching Facebook post expressing his grief of losing a brave police officer in a Naxal encounter.

In an encounter with Naxals in Munger-Lakhisarai border in Bihar on Tuesday, a jawan named Ajay Lal Mandla was martyred.

Pained by the scene at the martyr’s funeral, Lande wrote on Facebook that what is more painful is the fact that we do not talk about the martyrs but are always busy discussing on-screen heroes.


“We want to get a picture clicked with on-screen heroes but do not even talk about the real life heroes who sacrifice their lives for our happiness,” he writes.

Praising Mandal’s sacrifice, Lande writes that the brave jawan prevented the Naxals from gaining an advantage in the area.

He wrote that seeing Mandal’s lifeless body made him feel like telling the martyr that he was very special and invaluable.

“How could I make his grieving wife understand how great her husband was?” he writes.

Then he laments what is the bitter truth – forgetting the martyrs.

“Everyone will forget this martyr like they have the others,” he writes.

“I am sharing this because it is time to ask ourselves whether we are actually realising the sacrifices of these brave jawans.

“We give up our lives fighting the enemy at the border and in the jungles, but can you kill the evil inside you so that we can build a reformed society?” he asks.




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