10 Countries Where You Can Buy Apple IPhone X Cheaper Than India

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10:01 pm 26 Dec, 2017

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, Apple had a brand new phone in the form of the iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone Ten). Apart from iPhone X, Apple also announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. In the last four years, Apple has undergone for a major redesign in iPhones. It has also done away with the home button, which was a permanent fixture on the iPhone since its inception. Apple has crammed a 5.8-inch display into a body that’s only mildly larger than previous generation non-Plus models. Apple’s new iPhone X has a spectacular edge-to-edge display that dominates the entire front of the device. Well, nearly the entire front.


With an edge-to-edge design, Face ID, Apple has launched the iPhone X with an ultra-premium price tag, hoping that the phone would be lapped up by consumers. The good part for the Indian consumers is that it happens to be the first iPhone that Apple released in India at the same time as the rest of the world.

The pricing starts at Rs 89,000 for the 64 GB variant, and Rs 1,02,000 for the 256 GB variant. It may come as a shock to many consumers in India since it is a price sensitive country. Only the limited edition Vertus or those diamond-studded phones cost higher. As of now, the immediate customers for iPhone X would be those who want exclusivity and the new design, along with those who want to upgrade from iPhone 7 / 7 Plus.


However, you’d be in for a surprise to know that the iPhone X is costing much more in India. Take a look at the prices of iPhone X in few other countries:



It comes at around US$ 999 to US$ 1,499, which means around Rs.64,000 to Rs.73,700.




With a price range of AU $ 1,579 – AU $ 1,829, it comes out to be Rs.81,000 to Rs 93,800.




iPhone X costs around $1.410 – meaning it starts from Rs 89,668.


Hong Kong


The iPhone costs HK$ 8,588 – HK$ 9,888, which comes around Rs.70,500 to Rs.81,100.




The iPhone costs between 999 pounds – 1,149 pounds, costing around Rs.84,600 to Rs.97,300.


New Zealand


At NZ$ 1,799 to NZ$ 2,099, the iPhone costs between Rs.83,500 to Rs.97,400.




It comes at about CNY 8,388 – CNY9,688, which means you’ll pay between Rs.82,100 to Rs.95,000.



It costs AED 4,099 to AED 4,729, meaning it comes at around Rs.71,600 to Rs.82,600.




The iPhone X costs $1,224 which would be costing around Rs.80,186.




At $1,387, it translates to Rs.90864.

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