Shocking!! An iPhone 6 Exploded In The Middle Of A Call

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4:17 pm 26 Jun, 2015

If you are thinking of buying an iPhone, then you must read this. An iPhone 6 user from Gurgaon, whose phone was just two days old, has alleged that his phone exploded in the middle of a call, reports Hindustan Times.

Thankfully, the phone was in hands-free mode, due to which the user, Kishan Yadav, escaped injuries. He alleged that He brought the 64GB grey iPhone 6 from a well-known store for Rs 60,000.

Two days later, while talking to a friend and using the phone in hands-free mode, he noticed sparks emerging from the phone. He realized the phone had become very hot and threw it out of his car. It then exploded as soon as it made contact with the ground.


Though Yadav returned to the store from where he bought the iPhone 6, sadly he was told that needed to contact Apple directly. After getting no response, he  filed a complaint.

An Apple representative told the media that the company was looking into the incident and that it had not previously received any similar complaint about the iPhone 6 in India. This is apparently the first such case reported in India since the launch of the iPhone 6 last October.


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