An Instagram Platform Exclusively For Rich Kids. What Will They Think Of Next?

7:34 pm 8 Nov, 2016

Instagram has become a platform that people use not only to share memories but also boast of the beautiful things they do, or the life they live. From the cool bikes or cars that they own, to the most happening clubs or hotels they check in, people like to update about all the luxuries in their life on Instagram.

Rich kids have everything that it takes to be admired by people from all around the world. Instagram makes for the perfect platform for them to show off their many material things. And they have a large fan base following them.


Interestingly, the not-so-filthy-rich kids have also started faking a lavish life and are gaining some followers for themselves.

Rich kids


So to make the rich kids stand out and be visible in an elegant and meaningful way completely different from the rest, a new social media site exclusively for rich kids was created with $1,000 membership per month.

Yes, there actually exists an Instagram spin-off on the Internet that is exclusive for the rich kids. It’s aimed at giving them some exclusivity and credibility and is aptly called ‘Rich Kids’.


The company’s mission statement reads:

We created something different. A new social network where our members can really stand out and be visible in an elegant and meaningful way. Share their life with other users and build a true fan base. Only members of Rich Kids can share photos. To become a member user has to subscribe to Rich Kids Membership. To ensure the quality and exclusivity of our members the membership is set to be $1,000 per month.

Rich kids


While “commoners” can easily view all the pictures posted there, one needs to shell out a whopping $1,000 to be a member and post pictures.

Rich kids


Launched in September, the site already has over a dozen users, flaunting wealth for whom is just part of the job.



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