10 Innovative Ways To Ring In The New Year For People Who Hate Random Parties

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6:20 pm 9 Dec, 2015

If you’re the sort who can hug strangers and get pics clicked looking like you’re best friends with people you hate, then this post is not for you. However, if you’re sick of trying to feel like a party animal in drunk and noisy situations, if you’re sick of the media portraying a close-knit celebration as loser central and if you just want a more meaningful way to ring in the New Year, we have some suggestions for you:


1. Dinner and a movie

Nothing like eating a meal you love while you’re watching a movie you love or have been waiting to watch. This one works out great for introverts because you don’t even have to agree on a movie with anyone else; it can be your own thing.


2. Visit an old age home

Often elderly people are dumped at old age homes like they don’t matter anymore. Ask your local old age homes what time would be best for you to stop by and sing songs or just spend some time talking with the residents. Maybe you can throw a nice party for them.


3. Try an exotic cuisine

Maybe you’ve wanted to try out some particular cuisine but haven’t because it is too far/expensive; you can ring in the New Year by finally indulging your taste buds. If they’re open at midnight, good; if not, order delivery/take away.


4. Family forgiveness circle

In our personal relationships, sometimes people find it hard to truly forgive and move on. You can have a bonfire midnight; everyone can write one thing on a slip of paper, talk it out if it helps, and then throw it into the fire as a way of forever letting it go.


5. Masquerade at home

Halloween allows for dressing up but it’s rather limited. For this New Year, you can throw a masquerade ball at home. Everyone has to come dressed up and with masks on. At the stroke of midnight, you remove your mask and reveal yourself.


6. Organize a midnight treasure hunt

For those who’d rather spend their time doing than drinking, this is the best way to celebrate the New Year. You can leaves rhyming clues, mathematical clues or even pop culture clues. Have lots of small prizes and one big one for the big winner.


7. Midnight at a place you love

You can drive down to a place you love or even fly to a city you love and spend time at a place where you feel happy and relaxed. If it is some place like a nature park or an amusement park, make sure that it is open before you leave or you’ll have a lousy midnight.


8. Have a sing-along

Sing-alongs can be great fun especially if you sing golden oldies or try your hand at rapping/scatting. You can have an antakshari contest; divide the group into smaller ones and have penalties like the losing group has to clean up after the gathering is over.


9. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Many people like to celebrate with firecrackers or noisy parties, which is torture for animals. Most of the time animal lovers spend the year long working for these creatures; give them a break on New Year and volunteer to take care of the shelter for the night.


10. Make a time capsule

There may be things you can’t deal with right now, things you want to remember forever, things you’re afraid to forget, things you want to remind yourself – make a time capsule (you can include others too) and keep it somewhere it’ll be safe (and unopened) till next year or even later than that.


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