Indo-Pak Relations Would Have Been Better Had My Father Been Alive: Netaji’s Daughter

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3:40 pm 22 Jan, 2016

Subhash Chandra Bose’s daughter Anita Bose Pfaff believes that Netaji would have tried and succeeded in having better relations with Pakistan, had he been alive.

Anita, 73, said based on available evidence, she is convinced he died in the crash on August 18, 1945, and has proposed a DNA test on his remains kept at Renkoji Temple in Japan to put the row to rest.

Anita was just about a month old when she met her father last.

A former academic and economist, she recently in an interview said:

“I think that is the most likely thing to have happened. If we get evidence that supports something else, I am open to that but so far I have not seen any evidence which is more convincing. In the beginning we all doubted that he died in the plane crash but as time passed some things came out and I was also present in the interview of some people who were survivors of that plane crash. It sounded very convincing.”

When asked what she thought the situation would have been had he been alive, Anita said:

First, I am convinced that if he were alive he would have involved himself in the politics of the time. That might have had a number of consequences. There would have been a prominent alternative to Nehru. Of course we must consider that on some issues they had very similar views. They were both in essence in favour of a political system which was not dominated by communal controversies. They were both modern in the sense that they wanted industrialisation.”

She added:

“But on the other hand, there would have been differences; for example, I imagine his position vis-à-vis Pakistan would have been different. Nobody really wanted or expected what happened after Partition. The amount of genocide left wounds on both sides which were difficult to overcome but I imagine he would have a different view towards Pakistan. If he could not prevent Partition – both he and Gandhi wanted to prevent it – I think he probably would have tried and succeeded in having better relations with Pakistan…India has been suffering less from the controversies (since independence) because with all the problems India faces, it is a functioning state, and from that point of view Pakistan is in a much worse position.”

With Modi government set to declassify some of Netaji’s files on January 23, she said that even though she has been approached by his office several times, she won’t be able to make it and will try to meet PM Modi later this year.



Psy Treasure

Psy Treasure Bose’s File Photo

After releasing a series of documents on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s final few days, the UK based website – has now released some of the final documents that give evidence that Netaji’s body was cremated after his death in 1945.

The website has given testimony of a Taiwanese official Tan Ti-Ti who claimed that he had prepared Netaji’s body for cremation after his death in the 1945 plane crash.

Early on January 2016, the site had released various documents leading up to Bose’s death and have said that they will release more on January 29.

The site, which is run by UK-based independent journalist and Bose’s grandnephew Ashis Ray, stated that the testimony was part of  UK Foreign Office file No FC1852/6 and dates back to 1956. UK Foreign Office file No FC1852/6

It further disclosed that that Tan Ti-Ti was in charge of issuing cremation permits in Taipei and performed the last rites on Netaji’s body.  Page 1 of Testimony

Ray had said that the website’s purpose is “to chronicle the truth about what happened to Subhas Chandra Bose, based on 25 years of investigation and research into this subject.” The website has also released documents to prove that Bose died in the plane crash on 18, August 1945.

For decades there has been an endless controversy with regard to Bose’s death, with many questioning if the account of the plane crash is true, and many claiming that Bose was alive and back in India for years after the plane crash.

Indian government in the past has done two investigations both concluding that Bose met his end in the plane crash. Page 2 of Testimony

The documents that the website has published, was part of the Taiwanese police report that was sent to the British Foreign Office in 1956 and the file was then forwarded by the British High Commission in Delhi to the Indian government in July 1956.

The police report was sent to Albert Franklin, who was British Consul General in Taiwan at that time and had requested Taiwanese government for an investigation into the matter. Page 3 of Testimony

The police report, in turn, included an interview with Tan Ti-Ti, who said the cremation took place on August 22, 1945.

Tan Ti – Ti had in his testimony told the investigating officers that a Japanese army officer had accompanied the body and had told him that the deceased was Bose, the Indian leader (on occasions he mentioned him as the Indian commander) who after taking care of an important business in Tokyo had got injured when his plane was involved in an accident.

Tan had also said that without any family members in Taiwan, the permission for cremation was granted on the basis of a certificate from a military hospital. – EXTRACT FROM THE LETTER

Many in the past has said that Bose survived the plane crash in Taipei and lived in the mountain as “Gumnami Baba”.


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