India’s Obsession With Being Fair, Thin, And Sculpted, With A Head Full Of Hair

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11:43 pm 19 Jul, 2016

I was reading some stuff online, and every time I scrolled to the bottom of the page, there they were — these horrifying ads about getting fairer/thinner/fitter/hairier/taller! At first, I was taken aback, but as I read on, I realized these ads are probably the default ads on pages that Indians frequent.

They have to be! I’ve never searched any of these things! And I always thought advertisements were customized according to one’s internet search history. Seeing as how I’ve never given a tiny rat’s ass about being anything other than how I am, it stands to reason that these ads have just been planted on every site/page that might cater to the billions in the Indian subcontinent!


It is disturbing, this shit! There you are, reading about something that interests you, and up pops an ad that has someone peeling something that looks frighteningly like skin off of their face! Or to have someone’s gallons of flab shoved in your face, only to show you how they got miraculously thin! Who cares, man?!! What is this barrage of grossness that is being flung in our faces? And why?!!


Are we really that shallow as a people? Is that really all we care about? It must’ve taken millions of search hits for some AdMa firm to have come to the conclusion that every Indian wants to be fairer? Or thinner? Or whatever the fuck else?!!

Here’s the kind of ads I think this country needs more of:


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