10 Misogynist Things That Should Have Been Banned In India Before ‘India’s Daughter’

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4:00 pm 11 Mar, 2015

It’s raining bans in the country. First kissing, then consumption of beef and now BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’, but why didn’t the government care to ban several other offensive things, which are both provocative and demeaning? After all rape is more of a power play than a sexual reflex.

Here’s a list of 10 such outrageously sexist things that deserve to be banned outright!

1. Sajid Khan films

The only film maker who still considers women to be merely an eye candy or a show piece to titillate the hero’s sexual reflexes happens to be Farah Khan’s worthless brother Sajid. In India comedy only refers to crass, so not only his films work but a section of audiences go for his films merely to watch the vital statistics of the heroines in close up.

2. Comedy Nights With Kapil

Offensive=Kapil Sharma

Naturally India’s favorite comedy show features everything from dowry taunt jokes to jokes concerning a women’s features and even private parts. Mockery of obese women is a running gag on the show and the fact that India loves the show, depicts why rape is nothing but merely fun to certain sections of the population.

3. Yo Yo Honey Singh

India’s rapper number 1, is also a forerunner in terms of writing misogynist and belittling lyrics against women and surprising that the biggest in Bollywood endorse him. Time to coin the term ‘cultural mafia’?

4. Public Appearance of retarded Politicians

There can be no end to this conversation. It’s appalling when a politician who is supposed to make the law of the land threatens rape or chides it as a petty issue. Time to ban these morons from public life, what say?

5. Item Songs

Is the Indian audience so sexually frustrated that even kid’s films have stooped to addition of a song sequence where women would be commodified as an ‘item’ and her body shown in nasty close ups?

6. Fairness Cream Commercials

Seriously, what role does a woman’s completion play in her placement and career (if she is not planning to extract sexual favor at workplace)? And why haven’t there been any protests against such racist sexism?

7. Patriarchal television soap operas

While America airs shows like Scandal, Homeland and Revenge, Indian show runners are still busy conditioning reinforced gender hierarchies and structuring the attributes of an ‘ideal’ woman who is submissive and never retorts to wrongs rather scouts positivity in negative circumstances. And then there are mother in laws who actually expect their real life daughter in laws on lines of the reel life ones and make their life a living hell!

8. Propagation and glorification of cultural stereotypes

A Bengali girl? She ought to be well read and cook well. A Punjabi girl? Must be hospitable. A Kashmiri girl? Must be tall, fair and pretty. Who determines such stereotypes? And who has the authority to enforce them upon us? Then why have they turned to a favorite topic of conversation?

9. Chetan Bhagat’s books

No his books do not subjugate women. But it’s the 21st century Mr Bhagat! Women are much more self sufficient than your heroines who are manipulative, vindictive and moody and all that for constant attention! And no all of us do not carry double standards up our sleeves, Get that?

10. Beauty pageants

The most patriarchal of all notions of competition, where women have to conform to certain standards of body sizes to earn a title. Instead of idolizing women who starved themselves up for decades to earn a title and would continue to spread an aura of stereotyping in the days to come with pretense of philanthropy only when she runs out of options, why not idolize women who are actually striving to make lives around better?


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