18 Resolutions Every Woman Should Take At The Beginning Of 2016

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1:08 pm 28 Dec, 2015

It’s that time of the year again, when we think of making some resolutions for the next year, or at least pretend to.

So what are your resolutions for the year 2016? Share them with us in comments, and if you are still wondering, why not pick a few from our list.

We hope our list will resonate with all modern, strong and traditional Indian women on the block.

1.You will vow to give the same importance to your family and your dreams

Don’t allow anything to disrupt your strive to success.


2. Look around and help out other women who are lost, and in need of inspiration.

Find out more about your maid or your baby’s nanny, and see if you can help them out.


3. Stop being a spectator when it comes to physical abuse, take charge!

Don’t take it, and don’t let anyone else be a victim of domestic abuse. Stop, intervene, and stand up for the rights of womanhood.


4. Vow not to gossip about other women, and instead show them empathy.

We have to stand united to fight the big bad wolves in the world.


5. Get over the saas-bahu dilemmas and grow up!

Let us make an honest effort to reduce the agony in the world.


6. Get better at social media and learn a thing or two from it.

If you want to be up and about, abreast of the world around you, then work on your online social skills. Are you listening homemakers??


7. Fix a ‘me’ slot for yourself. Time to explore the real you, beyond the roles of a daughter, wife, mother and sister.

Look inside and discover the real you.


8. Plan a ladies night out with women from other backgrounds, not colleagues.

Believe us, the change is refreshing and allows you to put your life into a whole new perspective.


9. High time you chose a charity or a non-profit organization.

When you reach a stage where you think you have enough, spare a though for the less privileged, and do something for them. Believe us the satisfaction will be greater than any corporate promotion.


10. Observe and appreciate the goodness around you.

Don’t make the mistake of taking your partner or your blessings for granted. Instead of pointing out the mistakes in your team at work, look for things that can be appreciated and used to motivate them. A simple heartfelt thank you feels very good.


11. Try and save some money this year.

Yes, we know you made this resolution last year and the year before that too. But this time do the planning on paper and not in your head.

Consult the experts this year!


12. Learn to how to play an instrument or try a foreign language.

Haven’t you wanted to do this since a very long time? Well, make a resolution and do it this year.


13. Choose to wear what you want to wear, and what you are comfortable in.

Don’t let people around you tell you what to wear. People we are not living in the Stone Age!


14. Make an effort to cut out the stress from your life.

We know that saying is easier than actually doing it. But you can at least make a resolution to reduce the stress.

And please don’t offer to handle the stress for others.


15. All you mothers put there, teach your kids to be strong and tough.

You owe it to them to make them independent and open-minded.



16. To be or not to be virgin till your wedding is entirely your choice.

Do not allow any society mongers dictate any rules to you. It’s your choice.


17. Resolve to quit drinking and smoking this year, but not because somebody asked you too.

You can take on the world much better if you are hail, hearty and healthy.


18. You definitely must learn how to drive.

Your first step towards being independent and free.


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