12 Types Of Indian Mentality About Couples Who Stay In Live-in Relationships

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10:00 am 27 Sep, 2015

Even though live-in-relationship has gained a legal status in Indian society, it is socially and morally said to be toxic. Live-in relationships are accepted worldwide but considered highly inappropriate by people in India. Despite such thinking some people have broken the stereotypes and moved ahead with live-in as their choice of life. Here we state the different type of Indian thinking for such couples.


1. People think twosomes in a live-in relationship are people belonging to backward class of society.

2. They are often referred to as loose characters!

3. People question what makes them stay together in a single house without getting married.

4. They think that one of the partners is going to dump the other, which is the reason for not getting married.

5. Indians think live-in relationships are sure to end within a few years.

6. They term you as noxious to any sacred and pure relationship.

7. Indians think such couples are commitment phobic and hence they want to stay together but without commitment.

8. For couples in live-in relationship, people keep passing derogatory comments at them, which they surely do not deserve.

9. They start making character assassination especially in case of a woman!

10. People think this is an occasional attraction for both the individuals, which may end with hurt and fights.

11. Sometimes they are harassed after making this hard decision.

12. Indians decide to separate such couples from their families, so that their family reputation is not maligned.


Even through the Supreme Court has reduced the stigma of live-in relationships, couples have to face many hardships in Indian society.


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