22 Things Only People Studying Abroad Will Understand

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9:00 pm 24 Aug, 2015

Studying abroad may be fun and one of the luckiest things which happens to just a few among us. However, if you are studying abroad, you have some life lessons to learn. Here we mention 21 things that only people studying abroad will understand.

1. You don’t have anyone running behind you insisting on eating homemade food. Your mom did this, right?

2. Make sure you wake up on time and rush to college on your own’

3. Adjusting with new college mates is difficult sometimes.

4. English is the universal language which any one studying abroad should know! And here you are saved.

5. That moment when you order something, and you are served something else.

6. If you are not good in communicating, no one tries to understand your actions.

7. Somedays you become a center of attraction in your campus, as you have come all the way from India.

8.You miss celebrating festivals the way you did in your home country.

9. Strangers are indeed good people, who have guided you in this strange country.

10. Taxi drivers are the most humble and polite people.


11. You can feel the cultural difference and miss the desi style in everything.

12. Each buddy in the hostel needs to know something about India. And there you are proud!

13. You can have lunch at the time of dinner, and if you are not having dinner, who cares?

14. The city wakes up late and you miss the noise of bells ringing from a nearby temple which you always heard in India.


15. Here people are more career oriented and civilized than back in India.

16. Having a firangi friend is one of the nmost memorable page of your life.

17. You miss the katta, where you used to sit around with friends gossiping!

18. Every call from India is so special and valuable for you.

19. You feel like studying abroad is one of the luckiest thing that happened to you.

20. The beggar is never a beggar here; he too had his own standard to beg.

21. Now, you really bother watching the current rate of dollar compared to rupees.

22. Your aboard trip is wassol, after meeting that one friend from India.

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