This New Indian Railways Scheme Will Help Waiting List Passengers Get Confirmed Seats

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6:39 pm 1 Oct, 2016

Getting a confirmed train ticket is nothing short of a herculean task. So when people get a Waiting List ticket their reaction is obvious.


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So to alleviate the suffering of the people, the Indian Railways has now launched a scheme to help those who hold waiting list tickets.

As per the scheme, the Railways will allot vacant berths at originating stations to passengers holding Waiting List tickets at the next station.

This will be done automatically by the PRS (passenger reservation system) after preparation of second chart.


The situation as of now is that passengers with Waiting List tickets get confirmed berths only if someone cancels their ticket.

What is common is that TTEs allot vacant seats to Waiting List passengers who may have boarded the train.


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Reports say that around three lakh berths per year go unutilized.

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