India’s Power Export To Neighboring Countries Surpasses Import For The First Time Ever

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5:14 pm 29 Mar, 2017

India electricity exports surpassed its imports for the first time ever in the country’s history since independence.

According to the Central Electricity Authority, a Government of India authority dealing in cross border electricity trade, India exported around 5,798 million units to Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar in 2016-17 period.

At the same time, India imported around 5,585 million units from Bhutan, which is 213 million units less than exports.


A power plant in Bangladesh. WikimediaCommons

India’s exports to Nepal and Bangladesh increased to 2.5 and 2.8 times, respectively, in last three years.

The cross-border trade of electricity has mostly resulted in India importing power from Bhutan. Though India has been exporting electricity to Nepal, it has been marginal.

Electricity export to Nepal increased significantly in 2016 with the commissioning of Muzaffarpur– Dhalkhebar 400kV line in 2016. Around 600 MW power is being exported to Bangladesh.


India has been steadily constructing cross-border electrical lines for better trade with neighboring countries on the back of a rising power generation capability at home.

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